St. Mary's High School
Mt. Abu, Rajasthan

- New photos mostly of CBs in various parts of India.
- Transition of my classmate Avinash D'Mello after 40+ years as a Christian Brother to Priesthood, serving in Arunachal Pradesh.
- Updates to the dead musicians list.
- Abu Orioles can now be viewed as PDFs which allows text search and other PDF features. However, download time...:-(
- New photographs sent by several people.
- Updates to the dead musicians list.
- Updated the names of deceased persons in black. Hover mouse on name to see date.
- Some more Abu Orioles ('74-76') have been discovered!! Thanks to Brian Fernandes (1976) for remembering this website and passing on these gems!
- Updated the Music section with a few more rockers who played on the albums we listened to and have sadly passed away.
A few old and new photos to end the year.
- Pictures from the 40 year reunion of the Class of 1972.

The main event in Mt. Abu was preceded and succeeded with mini reunions with guys who could not make it and with ex-students from my time. A big thank you to all who attended. Special thanks to Victor Nazareth for the production of the T-shirts and the banner. A huge thank you from all of us to Daivat Singh for accomodating us at Kesar Bhawan Palace, his immense generosity and making our stay in Abu very comfortable, convenient and thoroughly enjoyable.

Highlights of the reunion:

  • Reliving the train trip from Bombay Central to Abu Road with a change at Ahmedabad. The meter gauge tracks from Ahmedabad to Abu Road were replaced with broad gauge a long time ago. So this nearly 1.5 day journey by the Gujarat Mail and Haridwar Mail is now just an overnight ride by other trains from Bombay.
  • Meeting some of my classmates after 40 years!! And seeing some of them in the same shape as when I left in 1972!! Neil, Daivat, what's the secret?
  • Cricket Match against the Class of 1982 on the tennis courts. It was a tennis ball 10 overs per side tongue-in-cheek challenge that I pulled on my classmates without telling them :-) Great time had by all including the losers (that's us, Class '72). Class '72 bats first and scores 125 runs with all out. Class '82 wins by 6 wickets. Thanks to the Class of 1982 for accepting the challenge and being good sportsmen.
  • Picnic at Trevor Tal after the Cricket game. Laid-back afternoon with good food and drinks catered by Kesar Bhawan Palace. We even spotted a croc!
  • Open bar evenings at Bikaner Palace hosted by Deepak Trivedi/Class'87.
  • Dinner at Jaipur Palace. A beautiful setting overlooking Nakki Lake with the lights of houses in the surrounding hills shining like little stars in the night.
  • Entertaining school dramatics and sports events with almost as many ex-students attending as present day students.

Thanks to Chris Coelho, Stephen deSilva, Victor Nazareth, Jal Olia and Richard Phillips for the photographs.

- Rearranged photos of graves into their own folder.
- Updates to dead musicians in Music Scene.
Spectacular pictures of SMS and surroundings, mainly due to the photographer's visualization and sometimes forbidden vantage points. Contributed by Br. Noel Desa, ex-student(1974-1979), ex-principal(1996-1999) and staff member(1989-1990, 2008-2010 and present).
It's been over a year since the last update, during which I received a large number of photographs from Rahul Chacko (2001). Then the 1971 Abu Oriole surfaced courtesy of Jude Pereira (1971), along with news of their upcoming gala reunion in October. Hopefully this update will make those sitting on the fence nostalgic enough to attend. Happy 40th guys! Enjoy!
This update originated from an inquiry I made with Chris Joseph('56) about photographs mentioned in the obituary of his classmate Trevor Gilby. The photographs are embedded in the PDF diaries of his last year in school, which are located in the Articles section of But their thumbnail size and indirect access do not do justice to this treasure trove of memories of that era. Thank you Chris for allowing me add them to this site and providing the details behind each picture.
Thanks to the following persons for the photos in this update:
- Craig Philips(2001) - His last two years in school and a final trip to Mt. Abu in 2007 before emigrating to Canada.
- John Whelan - February trip to India after 25 years that included a couple of days at SMS and meeting two of his 1971 ex-students.
- Bob Amore(1957) - Made a stop in Toronto during his round-the-world vacation in May and had a reunion with other 50's ex-students.
Pictures from my "pilgrimage" to the "Holy Land" ie.gif during the week of Christmas 2008.
Many thanks to John Whelan for his tremendous hospitality and for letting me raid his photo albums for pictures of people with a St. Mary's connection.
- Some entries from Alvito Viegas' ('71) school autograph book.
- 10 year reunion pictures of Batch '97 from Milton Ribeiro ('97). It was held during Parents Week 2007 in Mt. Abu.
- 70's ex-students partying around the Bay Area (San Francisco, CA).
Parent's Week October 2007 photographs contributed by Bob Amore('57).
Amita Patel (Sophia, 1994) sent me pictures of her January holiday trip to Mt. Abu.
Great contributions by Val Noronha(1973) of the Class of '73 in their last few weeks at SMS and at a mini-reunion in Los Angeles.
The Abu Oriole section is updated with issues from 1977 to 1981. Andre Rasquinha ('81) mailed me these magazines from Australia earlier this summer. Older Orioles are out of print. The few that must exist, are priceless for the memories and recollections that they evoke of our childhood years in SMS. So they are quite understandably hard to part with. Thank you all the more Andre for your generous contribution!
- Added New photographs.
- The Abu Orioles with the asterisk have been updated to display the dude's name when you mouse over his visible area. Try it first on the tie/chest and then the face. My memory and Val Noronha's Student Directory helped me with the names, but there's still a few unknown. Please email me the names of the "?" or single letter first name, if you recognize them (or the ones I got wrong).Thanks.
Added New photographs.
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Some messages posted on the Yahoo Group got me thinking about music in SMS during my time and how I'd become such a music afficianado,, headbanger! Added the Music Scene 1963-1972.
- More photographs contributed mainly by Sunil D'Souza(1990) and Bob Amore(1957).
- Since there are now close to 400 photographs on the site, frequent visitors can follow the New trail to the latest additions. It will be cleared or updated on the first of each month.
Added photographs in 1967, 1968, 1969 courtesy of Ainsley Priestman(1969).
The 2004 section has been updated with photographs from the SMS Platinum Jubilee celebrations held during Parent's Week (10/24-10/29).

The school put up a fabulous show! The organization, events and hospitality to ex-students was superb! Highlights of the week included:

  • Meeting many ex-students - classmates (Daivat Singh, Anil Babbar, K(?).Asarsa), guys during my years there (Satish Almaula('63), Edward Alva('67), Walter Aubert('67), Ainsley Priestman('69, my house Captain), David Starr('70), Satnarayan Rathore('71), the Jani clan('70-'76), Dhanjay Singh('73), Baljeet Singh('73), Roland Coelho('74), Mahavir Rathore('75), Cornel Roxburgh('76), Leonard Annett('77), Sunil Noronha('78) and several others from before and after my time.
  • A school building back to it's original granite facade. Thanks to Daivat Singh('72) for donating the labor and cost of a 6 month project to get rid of that fugly yellow!!! It does look kind of new, but I guess a couple of monsoons will take care of that.
  • The Annual Concert and variety entertainment. Held on the tennis courts on two evenings, with a sound system that ex-students on a walk could hear all the way to Tiger Path/Lime-Orchard!!. The rains held off and we had perfect cool evenings for outdoorsy functions! Afterward, fireworks over the main building which was outlined with lights!
  • The "Back to School" event was a riot!! - and the special breakfast was great! They made the mistake of electing me "Principal" to conduct the daily inspection :-) In class, (need his name please) taught us a nifty way of doing arithmetic operations on long numbers within seconds; but that was the only learning that morning!
  • Climbing Plummy with a terrific bunch of guys from '95-'96. (Donald, thanks for hanging back and making it look like you were having the hardest time getting up there!!). Apparently, another group of past and present students, AND CB's (ok, I'll rat - Ward and DeSa), flouted the rules and conquered Golden Horn once again!!
  • Swimming in the new pool, instead of School Lake/Shallow Bay. It was great not to have cow cakes floating in front of your face when you surfaced from a dive, but I kind of missed the jumping off rocks and feeling moss under your feet in the shallows.
  • Ex-students 200m race won by Bob Amore('57). It started off with a 10 foot lead for the earlier batches. Word was passed around to "let the old guys win", so I thought it was between me and Anil Babbar! Then someone whizzed by us like a hornet!! Old?? Talk about ringers!!!
  • Dinner/Dance at the Hilltop Hotel. It is opposite the Tourist Bungalow on the road to town. They forgot to invite the Sophia girls, at least the senior class ones, so there weren't enough women to pair with. :-( But the live band and DJ got the floor packed nonetheless!!
Hope the pictures capture it...
- Added "Zoom+/-" function to the Oriole Viewer.
- Added a few photos in 2003.
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Thanks to all the contributors for the photographs.
This is hopefully the first install of several issues of the SMS Abu Oriole magazine.

I discovered them in a box a couple of years ago in badly deteriorating condition. As you will see several covers and pages are missing. When it seems to prematurely say "This is the last page!", it really is and not a bug in your browser :-) To make matters worse, some kids I used to know had decided to "enhance" some of the pictures with moustaches, hairstyles, autographs and other artistry!

But it was a blast to see the faces of people, remembered and forgotten, from all those years. So drawing inspiration (and major plagiarism) from Val Noronha('73) and his fabulous site, I decided to scan the magazines, clean them up and offer them for public viewing.

Thanks to Alvito Viegas('71), Keith Angelo('72), Marc Correa('72) and Mark Fernandes('74) for contributions to get this site and domain, which will be available for at least the next two years.

If anyone has issues of other years (or the missing pages of these) please contact me I'd also like to put photographs under the Photos link.

So here it is! Hope you enjoy reviewing them as much as I did.

-Ashley D'Souza(1972)